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Richard Field African Safari Guide

Richard Field

Safari Guide, Camouflage Master, Wildlife Guy

Mauled by an angry lioness, Richard Field lives to tell his experience as an African safari guide. With his life having flashed before him, and his life saved by an onlooker, Richard’s recovery didn’t obstruct his love for the African wilderness. Born in South Africa, his African roots always called him back to the land. Richard continues to jet set between his home in the Northern Beaches and Africa to guide tours through the continent.

His experience has taught him the importance of responsibility, the impact and effects of giving and taking the blame and the necessity for perseverance and resilience. Richard’s twist of events both shocks and fuels an audience, pushing them to embrace their own ‘lion’. Richard also works as a wildlife photographer, is involved in African wildlife conservation and donates a percentage of his speeches to rhinoceros, elephant and lion protection. 

“[Richard’s] authenticity, humour and ability to weave a story kept the attendees spellbound. There were times when you could hear a pin drop in an audience of 650 people. The most impressive aspect of Richard’s talk was his ability to build relevance and connect the message of personal responsibility and safety.” – Downer Group, Sydney

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Life doesn’t happen in straight lines. Rich Field was attacked by a lion, which very nearly took his life. It was the worst experience he could ever imagine, and it looked certain that as though it would take away his career as a safari guide. In this talk Rich Field talks through his dramatic story and how his ultimate nightmare has ended up being one of his greatest gifts. Everybody will at some stage will face their own lion and Rich’s story will show you how to turn them into your treasures.

Curriculum references: PDHPE, health, biology

Growing up, Rich Field was painfully shy. At school, he tried to be anonymous and made it through by being virtually invisible. The idea of leadership terrified him. However, you can’t fly under the radar as a safari guide. Fast forward 25 years and Rich regularly leads celebrities and billionaires on safaris that can cost as much as half a million dollars.

Anyone can be a great leader; you just need to know the tools. Some people are drawn to leadership more than others, but ultimately, leadership is a skill that can be acquired by anyone. You just need the right tools.

Having spent the last two decades deconstructing leadership, Rich will take students with him into the wilds of Africa where they will learn the three pillars of GREAT LEADERSHIP required to successfully lead groups of people through dynamic, dangerous and ever-changing landscapes.

Curriculum references: PDHPE, Health, personal development, leadership

If you’re going to make it as a safari guide, you have to be a good communicator. Communication is one of the most important skills you can master in life. In this presentation, Rich Field will show you what it takes to communicate like a safari guide. He’ll give you tips that will help with:

• Direct communication for immediate effect
• Communicating ideas and concepts
• Empowering others through your communication
• Connecting through communication

Curriculum references: Health, personal development, leadership, teamwork

Richard is also a popular opening keynote for careers nights. His industry expertise includes
• African Wildlife Safaris
• Nature and Wildlife Photography
• Leadership
• Wildlife fundraising and conservation

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Richard Field African Safari Guide

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