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High school educators keen to diversify their students’ perspectives with outside voices, need look no further. Book an inspiring speaker for students studying a particular subject or book a high school speaker for presentation day.

Outsource tricky subjects, bring in experts who link in with your curriculum, show your students that success comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and persuasions. High school speakers bring real-life examples into your classrooms to show your students curriculum in action.


Lucy Bloom High School Speaker

Lucy Bloom
Adventurous spirit

Lucy Bloom is an industrial-strength idea maker, rule breaker and momentum creator. With three teens of her own and an epic mohawk, she knows just how to engage high school students on tricky topics in a memorable way…

Jimmy Halfcut Environmental Activist

Jimmy Halfcut
Environmental activist

Jimmy HalfCut doesn’t do things by halves but he has cut half his beard to show that half the world’s forests have already been destroyed. Jimmy knows what it takes to save the planet and how to get young activists on board…

speaker blogs contact wijewickrema nip

Nip Wijewickrema
Inclusive employer

Nip won Young Australian of the Year for some very good reasons. She’s the founder of GG’s florist, created to give her sister (who was born with Down’s Syndrome) an awesome job. Nip motivates young audiences like a rocket launcher…

Oliver Lee Entrepreneur

Oliver Lee

Canadian born with Chinese heritage, Oliver Lee is a social, tech entrepreneur and a former professional athlete who has built a number of start ups. Oliver knows exactly how to make teenagers want to be their own boss…

Sheree Stewart Indigenous Midwife


There’s no one quite as rad as indigenous midwife Skye Stewart. She works with mums and babies both inside and outside the prison system in Victoria. Skye is also a writer who inspires young audiences to be their true self…

Richard Field African Safari Guide


Richard only ever wanted to be an African safari guide. Having his head in the jaws of a lion wasn’t part of the plan. But the accident which nearly took his life is now one of his greatest gifts. Rich captivates school students with his epic story…

High School Speakers Australia

You can’t be what you can’t see. Show your students what they can be with diverse perspectives of inspiring speakers from all over Australia and the world.

I’ll never forget the speaker who came to my school when I was in year nine. He was so funny and it was good to hear from someone different and relatable.
Luke, Winmalee High School, New South Wales

Why engage a high school speaker?

Deal directly with these carefully chosen high school speakers. Have the right expert present to your students to fire up their interest in their subjects. Inspire your students AND teaching staff with the best high school speakers in Australia. Help high school students see that success can be any shape or size and that failure is a natural part of the process. Bring humour and real-life examples into your classrooms with a high school speaker. Make your high school presentation day or speech night one to remember with a high school speaker who knows how to engage students, staff and parents.