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Lucy Bloom

Adventurous spirit, CEO, Inspirational Speaker
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photomedia)


• Lucy travels from Sydney
• Lucy can present virtually (live or prerecorded) or face-to-face.
• Her fees range from $880 for a in-class presentation to support your curriculum, $2200 for full year group 90 minute session, $4400 for presentation day or careers night speech. All fees are negotiable especially in low SES areas.
• Curriculim links include business studies, commerce, health and personal development, ethics, science, biology, geography, social studies, careers, art.

Lucy Bloom is an award-winning inspirational speaker, leader and published author. After a career in advertising and international aid, she’s now a business fixer who takes to stages all over the world, challenging her audiences as much as she entertains them. High school students love Lucy’s radical, unappologetic style, humourous, fast-paced delivery and unusual career choices which have had her working in places like Cambodia and Ethiopia. This inspirational high school speaker has raised millions of dollars as a charity CEO, created world-first business concepts and authored books. With three teens of her own, Lucy knows how to engage, motivate and inspire high school students to turn life into an adventure.

Book early for presentation day speeches as Lucy is highly sought after.

Lucy can adapt most speeches to suit primary school, high school and university audiences. She is an inspirational speaker who leaves students wanting to change the world.

“Parents, teaching staff and students are still talking about Lucy’s presentation day speech two years later! In just ten minutes Lucy engaged us all, made us laugh and think about our place in the world. No one has ever mentioned Brad Pitt in a presentation day speech before or since and it will never be forgotten!” Roseville College, New South Wales

“In telling her story, Lucy inspired our students to grab hold of opportunities, to take risks and to never underestimate what they can do. They learnt about the importance of knowing themselves, being wise and courageous in facing fears and about actively choosing to test their resilience. Lucy was warm, funny and genuine.” Penrith Anglican College, NSW

Click on the speech titles below to these three popular speech summaries, or ask high school speaker Lucy Bloom to create brand new content especially for your school and your students.

This no-holds-barred yet right-on-point presentation is designed especially for teens who don’t want to hear it from their parents or the teachers they know well. Key messages include personal autonomy and what consent actually looks like in teen terms; how to navigate the expectations of a social life and friend group that might include drug use and funerals; And finally an understanding of RISK and why parents are neurologically predisposed to be so “boring”. This high school speaker has a fast-paced style and is ferociously funny. Your students will remember her words as they make choices now and in the years ahead.

Curriculum references: health, ethics, personal development

Lucy Bloom went from spending a lot of time in the principal’s office to smashing home her final exams at school. She also went from a brilliant job in advertising to a year in hospital after a massive motorcycle accident. And she has had her fair share of professional fails too. But every single time she has rebuilt, rebooted and come back for more, better than before. Learn about the brain chemistry that might sabotage your next project after a fail. Discover Lucy’s five steps for bouncing back from failure – a crucial part of progress – to learn from your stuff-ups and focus forward for the win. 

Curriculum references: Business studies, Ethics, Science and Biology, Health

You’ve got academic study covered at school but what the heck is superannuation? What’s the story with paying tax? How do you get local, state and federal politicians to do stuff for you and your family? How amassing possessions will rob you of your independence and why compound interest should be the foundation of your get-rich plan. What are the three words you should never put on a job application and how to structure your life so you will never panic about money. This speech will prepare students for the mechanics of life admin and earning a living in the twenty-first century.

Curriculum references: curriculum of life, careers

Perfect for Geography curriculum: Lucy was the founding CEO of an organisation which funded a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia. The sole purpose of that work was to cure the horrific injuries caused by obstructed labour in a country where 80% of the population lives far from hospital services. Learn what causes these injuries and how they can be avoided. Learn why is has nothing to do with FGM (female genital mutilation) or child marriage and what countries like Cambodia, Afghanistan and Nepal have in common when it comes to infant mortality. Tie all this in with your school’s social responsibility program and find out how you can have a profound difference in preventing obstetric fistula.

Curriculum references: geography, social sciences

Lucy is also a popular opening keynote for careers nights. Her industry expertise includes
• Magazine and book publishing
• Journalism and public relations
• Art direction, design and advertising
• Photography
• Digital marketing
• International aid, charity, not-for-profit sector
• Governance, risk and policy development


• Nominated for Breakout Speaker of the Year Award 2021
• Winner, Best Talk, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019
• Finalist Agenda Setter Award 2016 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards
• NAB Emerging Leader in the Not for Profit Sector 2015
• First and only Australian top 30 #socialCEOs
• Two-time finalist and many-time nominee of the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards
• Recipient of a Kindness Award from the Wake Up Project

get the girls out

Book Lucy as your next high school speaker and receive a complimentary signed copy of Lucy’s memoir for the school library. Get the Girls Out: a memoir of love, loss and letting loose (HarperCollins 2019)

A great read on subjects I had no idea about – birthing, third world doctoring, the problems of running a charity… Bloom proves you can do a hell of a lot if you really want to.

Adam Courtenay – Goodreads

A gutsy but heartfelt series of Lucy’s most wild experiences in an action-packed memoir that reminds us we are truly ordinary and extraordinary all at once… Lucy has the ability to be real and raw without compromising her own self or those in the book.

Amber Danes – Goodreads

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